Archive | August, 2006


Personally Speaking – Aug06 – Part 9

Kaps Wallet (Click the product name to learn more!) Stevens Magic Exclusive U.S. Distributors In Association With Paul Stone And The Unique Magic Collection bring you these great effects from the Ken Brooke Signature Classics…The Working Performer’s “Card In Wallet” The original and one of the classic effects in magic! Still is the most clean […]


Personally Speaking – Aug06 – Part 8

Joe Porper’s Card Trimming Machine (Click the product name to learn more!) “Like they used to make them in the old days!” –Joe Stevens Joe Porper’s Card Trimming Machine is modern and state-of-the-art! For years gamblers and magicians have searched the “world over” for such a Card Trimming Machine and if you can find one […]


Personally Speaking – Aug06 – Part 7

Spider Folding Table 2 (Click the product name to learn more!) Without question the most universally recognized product Spider manufactures. Sleek in design, compact, durable and secure-these are the perfect prop tables for the working performer. Whether purchased individually, or to accentuate other Spider products. Either way, they will serve you well. The tables are […]


Personally Speaking – Aug06 2 – Part 7

Wayne Dobson (a wonderful talent) with Joe The famous “Tayade” from India and the famous “Rice Vase” with Joe Ali Bongo was there too! Lipan – demonstrating his famous “Portable Asrah” Mark with Great Britain ‘s Derren Brown and friend Mark with our good friend and professional magician, Elias Huzineah


Personally Speaking – Aug06 – Part 5

Milk/Silk in the Light Bulb (Click the product name to learn more!) A Classic Miracle – reborn in the modern age – crafted with precision from Mikame, is available again exclusively through Stevens Magic and UGM, Co. (Nagoya, Japan). While this item was originally produced many years ago, the tag teams of professional magician Masahiro […]


Personally Speaking – Aug06 – Part 4

Product Hi-Lites… Wonderful sellers from our last catalog. Robert Houdin – Mystery Music Box Collection (Click the product name to learn more!) COMPLETE SET OF FIVE…For the first time ever, Stevens Magic is proud to offer you exclusively, a set of five music boxes playing the music performed by Robert-Houdin’s magic “Soirees” in the mid-19th […]

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