Archive | November, 2006

Personally Speaking – Nov06 – Part 5

Enjoy the article penned by Bill Palmer that first appeared in this year’s TAOM program! Very interesting history and you will learn something… FOOTSTEPS By Bill Palmer “It has often been said that we follow in the footsteps of others. Little Jimmy sat in an audience at a theater in Indiana, watching, totally enraptured, as […]


Personally Speaking – Nov06 – Part 4

And don’t forget we have two websites: RARE COLLECTIBLES Here’s our latest list of collectibles of hard to find “gems”! Get them while they last-only one of each available! Aladdin’s magic cave is waiting for you… Thayer Multiple Ball Stand Good Condition Thayer Block Go Good Condition Thayer’s Changing Card Tray Good Condition New […]


Personally Speaking – Nov06 – Part 3

Hand of Cleopatra Exclusive From Stevens Magic Emporium… Available Again…The Original Hand Of Cleopatra! After many years of being off the magic market, we are proud to announce that we can-once again-offer this beautiful piece of magic! Thanks to Harold Voit, ZauberZentrale, Germany, for making this available to us and the magic fraternity. One of […]


Personally Speaking – Nov06 – Part 2

Here are some excellent items from our last two catalogs: Rice Silks – 12 Inch “First come-First Serve” From An Estate sale on the famous Rice Silks, in MINT condition! We are pleased to announce-for a limited time only-this rare opportunity to purchase Rice Silks. Known as the “gold standard,” Stevens Magic (in our ongoing […]

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