Personally Speaking – Apr06

Personally Speaking – April 2006

A wonderful report to give you on the recently completed MCA (Magic Collectors Assoc.) held in Rosslyn , Virginia ! The 37th year for the event.

Over 120 enthusiasts from all over the world attended and shared the history of our loving art!

Can you believe a magic event where there are NO card tricks, NO coin tricks and NO close-up demonstrations?????? Yes, it’s true as the collectors of magic world are more interested in the antiques of magic and collectibles of our history. Poster, photos, letters, rare books, antique and rare magic abound. Lectures on our past by luminaries were plentiful!

A BIG salute to the two hosts who organized and produced the event. Ken Trombly and Gale Molovinsky spend hours making sure we all had a good time.

Joe and Gale Molovinsky