Personally Speaking – Aug06 2 – Part 2

Never have I seen an event that was so highly organized and the facility for the event was 1st class at The Stockholm Convention Center. It was probably the best venue that I have ever seen at any magic convention! Everything was conducted under the roof of this magnificent facility!

FISM was first started in the year 1948 at Lusanne Switzerland and the first year’s attendance was 300! Mainly a European event held every three years in different cities, it brings together magicians from all over the world, and yes, even Americans! The total number of dealers at the first event was, "7" compared to this year’s event which totaled 102. Can you imagine magical miracles from all over the world by so many different dealers?

The competitors for the "Grand Prix" totaled 152 this year. In 1948, there were 45! A week long list of stage acts that many would "blow your mind"! The Winner of the Grand Prix was PILOU of France! A great original stage act. The winner of the close up competition was one of our Americans, RICK MERRILL from Michigan ! (Atta boy Rick) But all of the finalists were terrific in both close up and stage. Here are the finalists:

Close up: Stage:

David Stone-France Dai Binchun, China

Martin Eisele- Germany David Sousa, Portugal

Helder Guimaraes , Portugal Gaston , Germany

Shawn Farquahar, Canada Sittah , Netherlands

The above close up and stage act would make "one hell of a convention" list!