Personally Speaking – Aug06 2 – Part 4

Gaetan Bloom presented his lecture and is still one of France ‘s most creative performers.

There were three "special awards" given to longstanding FISM participants.

El Duco of Norway was honored and he was a judge and dealer for years and his greatest memory of a FISM was the year of 1988 in the Hague and watching the great Fred Kaps win the Grand Prix three times!

Dick Koornwinder accepted the "Theory & Philosophy Award" on behalf of Tommy Wonder, who recently passed away and magic world lost one of its most creative performers.

The "Creativity & Vision Award" was given to Gaetan Bloom of France, and the "History & Research Award" was given to Eddie Dawes from England .

The big question going into the event was the selection site for the next FISM, three years ahead. Three countries competed for this event. China , Spain , Austria . In the end, the delegates voted for Beijing , China ! Three years from now,

FISM will go to the Orient for the second time. It was Japan in 1994. China is growing and they worked hard at garnering this choice magic prize. Be assured that the Chinese will work very hard to make their event "first class"!

Joe & Chinese Contingent