Personally Speaking – Aug06 2 – Part 5

Our good friends, Brad Jacobs and Andy Dallas (Andy is the new president for the SAM) were there promoting the combined USA IBM-SAM event coming up in two years, in Louisville , Kentucky . There is much interest in this already!

Brad Jacobs, Joe & Andy Dallas

I found over 25 wonderful, new effects that we will have to offer soon. Next catalog out in September with some of them included. It was fun seeing all of the new items presented. Too many to list now.

HOT ITEM OF SUMMER – MASUDA’S "WOW" $55.00 and we are supposed to have them to ship end of month-1st of September. A great "eye mirage" effect! It happens right under your eyes. Much fun with this item.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip and Mark & I are pleased that we could attend. We enjoyed the country of Sweden, the food, the hospitality, the cleanliness of the city and surrounding areas, the history and, of course, the people!


Rich Bloch & Joe discussing next year’s Vegas World Magic Seminar.

Ms. Debbie Daniels – “The best looking server I’ve ever seen!”

Domenico Dante, Joe & Yuji Yamamoto

Mark with Mama-San and Ton-San