Personally Speaking – Aug06 – Part 3

Some of the Close-Up Professionals who entertained and fooled the audience were…

Harry RiserJames HargraveTim Moore


By the time you are reading this, FISM in Stockholm , Sweden will be over and look for a good report on this event upon my return as Mark and I head there to find new items and get the pulse on what the European Magic scene is like. There should be over 2.000 attendees…WOW!

Cleveland , Ohio …

A fast trip to Ohio and a visit with the “Four Musketeers” of Cleveland , Ohio .

My good magic buddies: Many Sperling, Bruce Averbook, Rod Whitlock and Dave Neuman

There is absolutely NO one who can eat food like Rod Whitlock! I couldn’t believe that he ate the whole thing and he at two of them!

Rod Whitlock "Human Eating Machine" with Joe Stevens

Visitors To Wichita …

We had a visitor to Stevens Magic-Seth Backus stopped by to see us recently! Seth is a professional performing magician working in California with a love for “strolling magic”! It was great to have the opportunity to meet him and we wish him all the best!

Seth Backus and Mark Stevens

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