Personally Speaking – Aug06 – Part 5

Milk/Silk in the Light Bulb (Click the product name to learn more!)

A Classic Miracle – reborn in the modern age – crafted with precision from Mikame, is available again exclusively through Stevens Magic and UGM, Co. (Nagoya, Japan). While this item was originally produced many years ago, the tag teams of professional magician Masahiro Okuizumi, who added improved refinements, coupled with the expert craftsmanship of Mikame, has produced a beautiful piece of magic apparatus. If you’re looking for something different, unique and entertaining, this is IT! The quality is superb. Stevens Magic is proud to offer this item is our esteemed clientele. This is great piece of apparatus that will fool even you! If you ever wanted to do the milk or silk in light bulb, this is what you’ve been looking for. The gimmick is so clever on this piece it will bring a smile to your face! The Milk or Silk in a light bulb is a Reputation Maker! A lit lamp is displayed. You then vanish some milk from a newspaper cone. The light in the Lamp TURNS OFF! You remove the lampshade, unscrew the bulb from the socket and pour out milk. As you are pouring the milk from the bulb, the lamp lights up! As the title indicates, you could also substitute a SILK for the Milk and perform a similar routine. This is a reputation maker that has all the ingredients for success. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! The lamp stand is approx. 18.5-inches tall, with a base 9-inch square. The Shade is approx. 14-inches tall. We suggest you order soon, as these are moving fast. LIMITED AVAILABILITY!


Ring and Silk (UGM) (Click the product name to learn more!)

Johnny Hirose’s and our friends at UGM have provided us with an item we have been waiting on for many years! You have to see the demo video to realize the power of this effect! The performer produces a silk from his jacket pocket. Next he ties a knot and then the knot automatically unties itself! Next a ring is placed on the silk and it magically penetrates completely off without any damage to the silk. Next the ring is placed in the middle of the silk and the magician holds only the top of the silk, all of a sudden the ring begins to crawl upward on the silk and starts to levitate to the top of the silk! Next the magician takes the ring and throws it into the air and somehow it manages to get stuck on the silk! You have to see it to believe it -this is REAL magic! As a grand finale the magician takes the silk and 1-2-3 all of a sudden a KNOT appears in the silk! If this sounds too good to be true – it’s not! For those of you looking for a reel strong enough to perform these feats’ – your wait is over! The quality is what you would expect from our good friends at UGM Magic. This product comes highly recommended and could easily sell at twice the price. Comes complete with ring, 24-inch red silk, gimmick and instructional DVD.


Black’s Magic Magnetic Rings (PK Ring) (Click the product name to learn more!)

The Blacks Magic Magnetic rings are made of neodymium iron boron magnets (NdFeB), and have the highest gauss rating of any PK ring! They are also made to actually look like a real ring! Stevens Magic is offering them in Gold and Nickel only with free shipping in the US. "I LOVE this ring guys. I have several other magnet rings but I have to tell you, this one is great. It is strong, fits well, and looks great. Thanks for thinking outside the box. Can’t wait to see what else you do!" T Franks, OH Hidden in Plain Sight! Not even your spouse will know it is a magnet right. Looks like the real thing because it is! AVAILABLE IN GOLD, SILVER & NICKEL. We have sizes 8-12! Lifetime guarantee!


Fraidy Cat Rabbit (Click the product name to learn more!)

One of the great classic children’s effect of all time! Comedy..Magic…Entertainment all rolled into one effect! If you are a children’s show performer, you well know how important it is to have an effect like this in your program. Audience involvement with the children when they think they finally have a magician figured out. There is not setup. Always ready to perform. Top quality. Packs flat. Dimensions: 6-inches wide x 10-inches tall (closed with panel inserted.) With both doors open-spread is 16.5-inches wide (height remains the same.) Panel insert is 4-inches by 9-inches. The apparatus consists of a panel and an open framework house with doors at front and back, which is the Rabbit’s Hutch. The fun begins when the performer shows a white rabbit and it changes to a black rabbit, (as they think you have just turned the hutch around, etc.) Back and forth this is repeated with the final sucker climax at the end when the “magi” pulls out the frame with the rabbit on it and there it is ALL black indeed and the backside of the rabbit shows the tail! Where did the white rabbit go? Limited Quantities Available.


Harada Hold DVD Kit (Click the product name to learn more!)

Check out the video of this technique NOW on our video clips page. It’s located in the Real Media clips. If you have mastered the Cornelius “Jumping Coin” effect, this is for you and all professional coin workers! On this DVD, three master Japanese coin workers showcase the “Harada Hold.” If you’re looking for a different approach to coin magic and manipulation, this is IT! The DVD features 15 effects and explanations! While shot in Japan, each effect has clear English subtitles as well as English menus. Be entertained and witness an advancement in the art of coin magic. You won’t believe it when you see it explained! This is a new pure sleight that will fool you and blow your mind! Wonderful to see but even more wonderful to incorporate into your coin routines. No gimmicked coins-this is a pure professional coin sleight and revolutionary technique. NOT FOR THE BEGINNER! Use your own coins. NOTE: THE PRODUCT IN THE PHOTO IS A PROTO TYPE; IT WILL FEATURE A FULL PACKAGING WHEN SHIPPED! Featured performers are: Daika Harada, Kenji Yata and Ginjiro. Comes complete with DVD and special formula to help aid the learning process for the Harada Hold. “Outstanding! In all my 50 years in magic, I have never seen this coin sleight!” –Joe Stevens We also suggest you check out – Coins Akira’s also from the maker of Harada Hold.