Personally Speaking – Aug06 – Part 6

One Quart Low! (Click the product name to learn more!)

One Quart Low – A quart of cooking oil is poured into a borrowed hat, bag or purse, or better yet – poured into the comedian’s mouth – exhausting the entire contents! In the case of the hat or other receptacle, after the entire contents have been drained from the can of Mazola, the oil completely vanishes! An alternative routine: My doctor told me to include more natural oils in my diet! When I showed him what I was taking he exclaimed, "NO – NO! You’re supposed to use it "IN" your cooking not inside you!" This product is unbelievable – it will fool even YOU (as it did us). The perfect icebreaker for an MC, Performer, comedian and magician – this is something they will remember! Your goal as an entertainer is to make an impression and make people laugh – you won’t find a better way to achieve doing just that, at this great price! A visual, natural action is guaranteed as the can is tilted and the oil flows freely from the can! You will get gasp, wonderment and lots of laughs with this unique prop! You just gotta have it – trust us this is a winner! Who knows how long they will be made and available, so you can save $7.50 if you purchase two of them. So you can get 2 for $67.50! (Not valid with any other discounts or coupons).


Tossed Out Book Test (Click the product name to learn more!)

Tri City Magic Presents…There is nothing on the market like this book. This idea is based on the “tossed out deck” concept. The book consists of 140 pages. Very easy to read with a color cover. You can do this for one to ten spectators. You do not force the first word like many book tests. There are five forces but 10 different ways to use the forces. The spectator can flip two pages and get a different force. They read the entire paragraph not just a single word. They can read the first or last paragraph on the page. The book is in trade paperback style for easier reading (5.5 x 8.5). The cover can be removed and replaced with a different cover if so desired. There are five repeating pages with forces at the top and bottom. The pages repeat in fives so once you memorize the five forces you will know just by the page number what the force will be: Pages 1 and 6 are the same that ends in a 1 or 6 throughout the book. Pages 2 and 7 are the same page that ends in a 2 or 7 throughout the book. Pages 3 and 8 are the same page that ends in a 3 or 8 throughout the book. Pages 4 and 9 are the same page that ends in a 4 or 9 throughout the book. The book was designed this way so if the spectator just named a page number you will know what force page they have selected.


Spider Products

Having just returned from SAM, we had the pleasure of spending time with Claus of Spider Products. We are honored to have been chosen as the EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR for this fine line of products and have had fantastic success with the line since introducing it. The feedback has also been phenomenal and after spending more time with Claus in Louisville , KY , I can understand why. Claus gave us a more detailed tutorial in the "set up" and "breakdown" of all his products-and they are amazingly simple to use. Additionally, they are exceptionally sturdy and are without question the top performers choice! If you are even thinking about adding a backdrop, stage, spider tables or lighting to your show-you MUST consider this product line!

Spider Complete Back Drop (Click the product name to learn more!)

The “Flagship” product that put Spider on the map. Others have tried to come up with a similar design, but none have the quality and long life that the Spider framing allows for. This is the quintessential professional prop that will give you the added confidence you need to put on your best performance-time and time again. Additionally, they will bring instant credibility to you as a performer. As in the case with all Spider products-this stage folds up and fits into one duffle bag (which is included in the price!) You can choose from the following colors: black, burgundy or blue. Talk about class and professionalism. The unit is even curved at the ends form a type of semicircle. This also provides you with a “back stage” where other performers can be changing costumes or preparing illusions. It’s just not the front-as nice as it is-that provides the benefit but the back stage, which can be just as crucial as well. This stage includes: 2 folding frames, 2 stabilization rods, 4 connector rods, 2 side curtains, 1 entrance curtain and 1 storage bag and instructions. From looking at this photo your probably thinking (understandably) that the shipping is going to be more than the product-no worries mate! Believe it or not this entire unit fits into a duffle bag with the approximate dimensions 12-inches by 34-inches by 12-inches. The unit weight 36 pounds (17 kilograms). This incredible feature provides you with very reasonable shipping cost based on weights and dimensions (compared to what you would expect.) Easy transports for you-no back breaking or heaving here! Smart performers understand the power and benefits or portability. The Spider Line is designed specifically to meet that criteria, all the while keeping the quality at it’s absolute best! They back it up with a 2-year warranty. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery! THIS PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING! NOTE: MYLAR ENTRANCE SHOWN IN PHOTO IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS PRICE. THE COST OF THE MYLAR ENTRANCE IS $140.00 PLUS SHIPPING.


Spider Folding Table 1 (Click the product name to learn more!)

Without question the most universally recognized product Spider manufactures. Sleek in design, compact, durable and secure-these are the perfect prop tables for the working performer. Whether purchased individually, or to accentuate other Spider products. Either way, they will serve you well. The tables are constructed by frame aluminum and feature translucent Plexiglas tops-so there is nothing suspicious about them at all. Like all Spider Products they pack up well and are easy to transport and are just as quick to set up and breakdown. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery! THIS PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING! TABLE 1 measures: 35-inches height-Surface 12 x 12-inches