Personally Speaking – Feb06 – Part 2

Mark introduced the Buma Board and application for this special new generation impression device to the magic world seven years ago.

Buma Board (Click here for more details)

Pocket Portfolio (Click here for more details)

$77.50 $125.00

The Buma Board and Pocket Portfolio, is an item that many working performers including but not limited to – Larry Becker, Derren Brown, Ray Piatt, and Mark Salem have either used or have long been aware of.

In fact, Mark Burger, (House of Magic) has a NEW version of this Buma Technology that will be debuted this February 19th at WMS in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You really have to see these new effects to believe me – and when you do you’ll know immediately – that House of Magic is still very much in business.

On another note – we are co-sponsoring the 26th annual Magic and Halloween Seminar, which will also be in Las Vegas! This is NOT to be confused with WMS. Looks like we’ll be in Vegas two times in February! We are pleased to have the largest registration ever for this Halloween & Magic Show – over 300 shops from around the world. They meet each year to start the detailed yet, important task preparing orders for new products in the Halloween and Magic industry. During this show we provide a our wholesale clients with our current and new magic products we will be wholesaling as well as representing Rubies Costume Company and Franco American Novelty for Halloween.

Many magic shops will be present and most of them have been with us for many years including but not limited too, Twin Cities Magic – Jim and Judy Berg, Top Hat Magic – Steve Lancaster, Costume and Magic TrunkSteve Spain, Buck Bressler, and Spot Light Magic – Mike and Sasheen Platten, Danny and Darlene Garganus, and many more. Yes, it’s a tremendous amount of work and fun too! If you have a magic shop and would like to join our group – please give us a call. The greatest reward in my 35 plus years, is working with this fantastic group of successful storeowners

Thanks to Howard Beige the VP of Marketing for Rubies Costume Company and the Carol and Michelle Oumano of Franco American for your class and support.

I hope to see many of you at the upcoming World Magic Seminar. Please make every effort to join us for this fantastic show. We are right on course to have a super-successful convention. Here is the link again – if you want to check it out.

In closing, thanks to all of our loyal customers. We are truly humbled that after 35 years of persistent business we continue to grow – thanks to YOU!

Ray Piatt

We are pleased to announce that our second mailing of 2006 will be printing in early February 2006, and will feature Ray Piatt, as our celebrity profile! Remember: keep your catalog subscription active by making frequent purchases J Wishing all of you a great 2006! See you down the road – watch for the arrows!

Joe Stevens