Personally Speaking – Feb06

Personally Speaking – February 2006

Hello Friends and happy 2006! We’re busy little bee’s preparing for the new year, new catalogs, new conventions and of course new products, many of them exclusive.

Joe Stevens and his close friend – Marvin Burger – Buma Sr.
Photo: Stevens Magic Photo Morgue

Important Announcement: We just received some new instruction sheets from Mark Burger (AKA Buma Jr.), from the House of Magic which detail two new dynamite effects he will be launching this year at World Magic Seminar – 2006!

This will be Mark’s 23rd WMS’s. There has been some confusion and incorrect statements that Mr. Burger and the House of Magic is closed forever – this is not true. Mark is shifting the focus of his business to manufacturing and on-line sales.

Mt. Fuji

This move has been seven years in the making when Mark Stevens and Mark Burger met in Japan in 1999 and traveled Asia sourcing materials and products.

Buma Jr. and Joe