Personally Speaking – Mar06 – Part 3

SHIN, Poron, Rocco, Nana, Chiaki and Magic Jamie Magic Jamie, Mark Stevens, Chiaki & SHIN!

May we all congratulate Rich Bloch and Bob Rossi for organizing a wonderful event for all of us to enjoy, and a special salute to Bill & Becki Wells who coordinated all of it. They truly are the “dynamic duo”!

A trip down memory lane, previous Desert Magic Seminars Dai Vernon, Tony Slydini, Paul Stone, Joe Stevens, David Copperfield, and Martha Stevens

Next year is the 30th anniversary and none of us ever thought that this event would grow to 30 years! We started it for fun and fun alone in 1978 and fun we had and fun we are still having. For those of you interested in a chronological history of this event, we recommend “25 Years in the Desert.” It is only book that chronicles the history of this fantastic event, published by our very own, Dr. Nick St. Erne. Click on the following link for more information:

25 Years in the Desert

One of many memorable moments from previous World Magic Seminars with the Sponsors, Siegfried & Roy.

We’ll be at WMS 30 for sure. Will YOU?

Joe Stevens

Stevens Magic Emporium

PS – We really miss you Jay! See you down the road, watch for the arrows!

Jay Marshall with Lefty