Personally Speaking – Mar06

Personally Speaking – March 2006


It is now history and what a good time was had by all! The attendance was right at 900 again and many new faces were there for their first time!

There were plenty of acts, lectures, and shows to please everyone. Close up featured some of the best coin workers in the world. David Roth, Curtis Kam and Michael Rubinstein.

The SME Products Booth… the Calm Before the Storm!

They lectured also as did many others. The stage shows were excellent and the International contest was superb and the “Master of Ceremonies” was none other than the “great one” Ali Bongo who handled the job extremely well.

The “People’s Choice” winner was: Mikael Zsanyiel (France), he took away the Siegfried & Roy’s “Golden Lion’s Head,” as well as a check for $5,000.00. His act was a highly original comedy act done to classical music and he had the crowd standing and laughing!

Joe with Kenji Minemura – The 2006 SARMOTI winner!

The Sarmoti award was won by crowd favorite; Kenji Minemura from Japan . Kenji’s act was another original act that is hard to describe, but S & R was impressed enough to honor him with the Sarmoti award and a check for $5,000.00 as well.

The days were filled with activities and no one could complain about not having something to do!

The dealer room was hot! And all dealers were pleased with their sales and results, as it had 28 dealers from around the world with exciting miracles.

Mark saying, "Did we sell out of that already?"