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Personally Speaking – Mar07 – Part 8

Rich Bloch, Bob Rossi, Susan Bloch and Joe Stevens – having a little “pre-pow-wow” before the events start. Then later in the Awards Show, Siegfried and Roy paid their respects to Joe and Martha when Roy went on a funny tirade about how Joe should take Martha on a long, long cruise and dig deep […]


Personally Speaking – Mar07 – Part 7

After several years, it was Jay Marshall idea to move this conclave to Las Vegas , and in doing so the Desert Magic Seminar was born. While already off to an impressive start in Wichita , when this idea hit Las Vegas it caused a cataclysmic” event. With the sponsorship of Siegfried and Roy at […]


Personally Speaking – Mar07 – Part 6

The precursor to the Desert Magic Seminar’s were the Mid American Conclaves in Wichita , Kansas . It was hard to believe that some of the greatest minds in magic made pilgrimages to a small metropolitan area known more for the manufacture of aircraft than magic. Obie O’Brien & Joe Stevens WMS – Front Cover […]


Personally Speaking – Mar07 – Part 5

Review of WMS 2007 By: James Mc Calister Having had the pleasure of attending a good number of the 30 World Magic Seminar’s this year was particularly enjoyable to me for many reasons, including the fact the 30th anniversary was attributed to two wonderful people and dear friends Joe and Martha Stevens of Stevens Magic. […]


Personally Speaking – Mar07 – Part 4

Kudos also go the Bill and Becky Wells, Nick Saint-Erne and Pete Biro for keeping this group organized, energized, transported, informed, well fed and ready to perform. The collective goal was to create an opportunity to define their magical talents in an atmosphere that nurtures friendships for life. You could see that by the time […]


Personally Speaking – Mar07 – Part 3

The Teen Magic Weekend – 2007 By Deana Murray The TEEN MAGIC WEEKEND held just prior to convention was hosted by Lance Burton, the Master Magician himself. This is a three-day performance workshop and teach-in session with Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger and their friends Scott Hitchcock, Danny Orleans, Joanie Spina myself, based on stage […]


Personally Speaking – Mar07 – Part 2

This is such an anticipated event because every year they mix the known with the unknown. This year, “Dinner with the Stars”. This event raised money for the Encore Foundation, which helps out magicians in un-ordinary circumstances. Even Siegfried showed up. And there’s been a Midnight Bowling Tournament for the last 3 years. There is […]


Personally Speaking – Mar07

Personally Speaking – March 2007 WMS 2007 Review One by Deana Murray Living in Kansas – we all cringe when someone asks, “Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?” But there is no doubt about who gets to be THE WIZARD FROM OZ or who decorates his dominion with the horses of different […]

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