Personally Speaking – Aug07

Joe’s Personally Speaking – August 2007

It is my personal pleasure to feature a most splendid article written one of the world’s foremost creators of magic! Ian Adair who has created over 1,000 proven audience-tested, magical effects in his magic life.

Ian was part of the “synergy” of the famous Supreme Magic Company, founded by Edwin Hooper. Edwin was indeed a “Human Dynamo”. The two of them created the most fantastic magic shop in all of Great Britain.

Enjoy the article that Ian has sent to us for publication as it correlates the beginning and the end of one fantastic magic operation that started with almost nothing.

Thanks Ian for sharing this for all of us. It’s history at its best!

A Human Dynamo –
Edwin Hooper And His Supreme Magic Company

As remembered by Ian Adair M.I.M.C.

Ian Adair and Edwin Hooper

Edwin Hooper was a human dynamo. As a magical dealer, he was second to none. He built up his business, The Supreme Magic Company, which became the largest magical dealing depot in the world.

If Edwin Hooper had to come back today, he would be a very sad man. He would see that his baby (The Supreme Magic Company) faded into obscurity in a matter of a few years, after he had passed away, having cancer.

I should know, for I worked with Edwin on a daily basis for over 30 years.

Edwin got his first taste of magic dealing when he worked for
Jack Hughes of Colindale. Although Bernard Hughes was
named as the editor of the firm’s publication “Hughes News” it
was Edwin who actually prepared the material. The magical
newspaper was printed in Bideford Devon, Edwin’s home town.

When Edwin released his first range of magic, some magicians, including Goodliffe, of Abracadabra fame, told him he was making a big mistake. Edwin proved Goodliffe and all others they were wrong.