Personally Speaking – Important Nov07

Stevens Magic Emporium

Important Announcement

Exclusive American Distributor
Of The Ken Brooke Magic Range

It has been necessary for us to, once again, announce to the magic world, due to the fact that our “magic world” is beset with those who would take effects that they have no right to take and sell and distribute these with no respects at all to those who buy rights, invent and create our wonderful miracles of our magic art! A complete total disregard of creators and magic shops who create and sell magical items! There are two ways to “play the game” — respect the artists and agreements that are done in honesty and ethically or have total disregard to those principles!

STEVENS MAGIC EMPORIUM has been the sole distributor of the KEN BROOKE MAGIC RANGE since October of 1982, by paying a substantial fee and by an agreement signed by parties involved. (We have signed papers attesting to this agreement.) We have held these rights since then and will continue to promote and advance these wonderful commercial items in the future.

Any attempt to circumvent our “legal rights” or to duplicate any of the Ken Brooke Magic Range items without our permission will, of course, be pursued and challenged legally and through the magic world. You would expect us to do no less!

Because the “cancers” of ill ethics has permeated so drastically in past years, we are compelled to print this message for the magic public to consume and understand our positions. There is no room for those who do not treat our art with respect and honor!