Personally Speaking – Jan07 – Part 4

Ungimmicked Miracle Linking Ropes

You won’t believe this until you see it! Exclusive to Stevens Magic Emporium from Dick Williams. Three ropes link themselves without magnets, strings, and rope gimmicks. The ropes are REALLY unprepared! Fools magicians! You get three ropes and the “special secret” for performing this wonder rope illusion! Dick Williams still hold the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest running TV Magic Show! 1,200 weekly half hour shows for 23 years. We are proud to offer this mysterious rope miracle to the magic fraternity and you will enjoy fooling your fellow magicians as well as entertaining your audiences! Plays well in close-up, parlor or stage! “I was fooled and have never in my life seen this version!” -Ted Lesley. Four color options available, specify your color preference in the "comments" section of the order page – otherwise the default color is white.



A three-part series on the WORLD MAGIC SEMINAR’S 30 year anniversary this coming February. A time capsule of the history of this fabulous magic event from its inception. Next year’s dates for 2007 Seminar is February 18 – 21, 2007 at the Orleans Hotel. Please register at

The site of Las Vegas was the “brainchild” of Jay Marshall and the World Magic Seminar was nurtured by Slydini and Dai Vernon and sponsored by Siegfried & Roy.

Jay Marshall


Dai Vernon

Siegfried & Roy

“That’s where the idea came from and that’s who started it and that’s who sponsored it to its greatest magical heights.”
–Joe Stevens

(More on the history in Part 1 coming soon.) Stay toooooned!