Personally Speaking – Jan07

Personally Speaking – January 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our friends and customers. Please know that we appreciate your friendship in our small world of magic and we most certainly “THANK YOU” for your orders and support this past year!

It was a good year and we enjoyed further growth and sales increase for several reasons.

A. An exciting line of new exclusive products.

B. A sincere concern of what we add to our line of goods.

C. Treating our customers fairly with respect.

We look forward to the New Year and more exciting professional products to present to you for your pleasure.

Very soon we will be putting out a catalog with our TOP 10 items for 2006. IF you purchased them, you were on the cutting edge of magical items. IF not, then do consider these items when listed. You will not be unhappy with them. We will post these up on our website as well as in our professional catalog.


Hand of Cleopatra

Exclusive From Stevens Magic Emporium…Available Again…The Original Hand Of Cleopatra! After many years of being off the magic market, we are proud to announce that we can-once again-offer this beautiful piece of magic! Thanks to Harold Voit, ZauberZentrale, Germany, for making this available to us and the magic fraternity. One of the most magical effects in magic. Clever…diabolic…and fools magicians as well as spectators. Cleopatra’s Hand will find objects in envelopes, cards and miscellaneous items placed around her pyramid. A golden pyramid, along with a golden sarcophagus is placed on the table and her hand is placed upon the top of the pyramid and given a spin. When it stops, it will be pointing to the selected item that is ONLY known by the spectators. Can be repeated immediately and it always stops wherever the selected secreted item is! Performer does not handle the pyramid or the hand during the routine! Everything takes place in the spectator’s hands. You supply the cards or envelopes. Don’t be mislead by the “knock offs” as they do NOT compare. Don’t miss out on this miracle! LIMITED QUANTITIES!


Delbin Blotter (Viking)

Available Again…. With permission from “Danny’s Trix & Kix” of Spring, TX. We are proud to re-release the famous collectible created originally by Ben Stone. It has been years since this original was produced and Stevens Magic is proud to bring back a high quality magical prop as the Delben Blotter! The magic blotter can be used for a number of impressive routines. The most well know is the Money Machine. Place a blank piece of paper on the base and rock the blotter over it. The paper instantly changes into real money! Or place a dollar bill on the base and change it into a $100 bill! This will get their attention. Or have a card selected and torn into pieces, retaining one piece, arrange the pieces on the base, rock the blotter and the card is restored and the one piece matches the restored card which is missing a piece! The Delben Blotter looks like an old-fashioned desk blotter and is beautifully constructed out of black walnut with a hand-polished finish. The method is undetectable. Stamped with the famous Delben name and made to perfection for us by George Robinson famous for the fine Collector’s Workshop-Viking line of magic products…No one does it better than George! Don’t be tempted by the “rip-offs” as they cannot compare with the original! A great desk top piece of magic! An unusual tradeshow piece! A collectible for your collection! A proud piece to own! LIMITED QUANTITIES!