Personally Speaking – Jul07

Personally Speaking – July 2007

SAM Annual Convention in Dallas, TX
by Joe Stevens

SAM Program Cover

George Schindler

This is a review of the SAM annual convention in Dallas, Texas at the Adam Mark Hotel and dedicated to George Schindler-Dean of the Society of American Magicians (George was appointed after the demise of Jay Marshall, who was the Dean for many years. They couldn’t have picked a better person than George, as he has always supported magic and magicians).

National conventions are always fun and this event was as well.

Seeing old friends

Meeting new friends

Stage Show, Close-Up Shows & Lectures

Seeing what is new in props and acts, and so on.

Though attendance was soft (we heard that it was soft for the IBM in Reno, Nevada as well), the word was that the Convention had over 600+ in attendance.

The dealer room was excellent as the selection of dealers was good as the SAM tries hard not to have the duplication of dealers and their wares. They try to have dealers who do not compete with each other. They select dealers who advertise in their monthly magazine. They choose dealers who are well known in our industry and have a good reputation. They also choose dealers who have good ethics in their business practices.

The 30+ dealers were mostly happy and most got their share of business.

Stevens Magic Booth

More of the Stevens Magic Booth

Jay "Gandolf" Wagner, a long time Wichita friend who now lives in the Dallas area. Jay & I have quite a history together, as he was with us 30+ years ago when we started!

Joe & Jay … old friends together again!