Personally Speaking – Mar07 – Part 2

This is such an anticipated event because every year they mix the known with the unknown. This year, “Dinner with the Stars”. This event raised money for the Encore Foundation, which helps out magicians in un-ordinary circumstances. Even Siegfried showed up. And there’s been a Midnight Bowling Tournament for the last 3 years. There is now a “Magic Auction”. Last year, a “Film Festival”. All of these events create chances to make new friends and continue that family appeal.

Kozak, Deana Murray, Dirk Losander
and Luna Shemeda
Irene Larsen, Siegfried and
Darren Romeo join Jeff Mc Bride


During the awards show Rich Bloch made a presentation to Joe and Martha that included a plaque that stated:

The magic world exists and flourishes not by sleight of hand but by friendship, imagination
and dedication. All those elements led you to launch this ambitious gathering and to care for it
year after year. Now, as the World Magic Seminar turns 30, you should take pride not only
in the magic you’ve shared and the careers you’ve launched, but also in the thousands of
friendships that have been cemented and maintained by the annual opportunity to meet, greet and share.

There is a long list of those who have brought magic to the Seminar, but for what you have done
for all of us, you are the best magicians of them all.

With love and admiration on this twenty-first day of February, 2007 (and all the other days as well)

Rich Bloch, Bob Rossi and the Seminar Board of Directors: Pete Biro, Irene Larsen, Bill Wells, Becki Wells, Obie O’Brien and Dorothy Biondi.


At the Awards Show, Siegfried and Roy paid their respects to Joe and Martha when Roy went on a funny tirade about how Joe should take Martha on a long, long cruise and dig deep into his pockets to make this trip very special.

Roy Telling Joe to dig DEEP into his pockets
and take Martha on a long, long cruise
Mac King enjoys the events

It was very emotional and warm to see Joe and Martha accept the award to which Joe had a short speech thanking all those who contributed to the success of the seminar whom are no longer with us. And all of the loyal attendees who continue to come back year after year.

Between the Dealer Room, which was packed with some of the best, most respected dealers in the world and the Registration Desk where some very anxious registrants were lining up for next year… there was all the excitement and buzz… of what could possibly top this year’s events… All of us can hardly wait!!!

See you there!!!