Personally Speaking – Mar07 – Part 3

The Teen Magic Weekend – 2007 By Deana Murray

The TEEN MAGIC WEEKEND held just prior to convention was hosted by Lance Burton, the Master Magician himself. This is a three-day performance workshop and teach-in session with Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger and their friends Scott Hitchcock, Danny Orleans, Joanie Spina myself, based on stage presence and relating to your props through movement and music. Brad Ross and Alex Gonzalez (the 2004 WMS Teen Competition Winner) presently working for Disney in “Mickey’s Magic Show” were also there to inspire the participants in what they called “Living the Dream”. 44 teens came from around the world – as far away as Africa . Sweden , Canada , France , Germany – and all parts of the USA . All of them were class acts!!!

The Host of Lance’s Teen
Party at Castle Burton

The Entire Crew at Castle Burton

A Shot of the Talented Teens As Lance said, Chicks Rule this Year!

The weekend culminated with a Surprise Pizza Party at Lance’s new home – with some of his buddies: Tomsoni, Mac King, Darwin, Chris Angel, Felding West, Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger…the list goes on… Everyone got to ask definitive questions and get real answers. The rooms were buzzing with conversation and picture taking.

Lance’s House at the Teens Group