Personally Speaking – Mar07 – Part 8

Rich Bloch, Bob Rossi, Susan Bloch and Joe Stevens –
having a little “pre-pow-wow” before the events start.

Then later in the Awards Show, Siegfried and Roy paid their respects to Joe and Martha when Roy went on a funny tirade about how Joe should take Martha on a long, long cruise and dig deep into his pockets to make this trip very special.

Mr. Yugo Wei – a one-man army, talented performer and producer.

It was very emotional and warm to see Joe and Martha accept the award to which Joe had a short speech thanking all those who contributed to the success of the seminar whom are no longer with us.

Joe and Harold Voit Gay Blackstone
El Duco David Williams works the Stevens
Magic Book section – David is a walking
encyclopedia of magic history.

The dealer room at the Seminar was packed with some of the best, most respected dealers in the world as well as some very anxious registrants. At times the dealer room reminded me of the New York Stock Exchange with all the excitement and buzz.

One thing the seminar consistently delivers – the most magic celebrity in the world – when it comes to famous faces and magical royalty.

James Mc Callister