Personally Speaking – Nov07 – Part 3

The secret lies in two pivoted pieces which pivot from one side to another. Illustrations show how the method works. By pivoting the pieces at points X (both sides) and because these are covered in black velvet or flock, (both sides) these can be made to pivot inward or outward at will. So, when inward, the livestock (or indeed any other production load) which is situated behind these, can be made to come forward and appear in front by a simple movement of the hand.

Let us start at the beginning.

Display the box to be empty by lifting up the front panel and removing it from the grooves it slides in. The audience sees the interior of the box. Because we use black velvet and the other parts of the box are painted in matt black paint, a black art appearance is given.

The front lid is replaced into the grooves.

Whilst this is being done, both hands assists in moving the pivoted panels to the front (see illustration) so that the items or livestock which once were stored behind this, now are brought to the front. When the front lid is removed again these are shown to have materialized, and even when removed, because the back section of the pivoted panels have been covered in black velvet or flock, the box still remains empty and appears to be innocent, at least to those who are looking on a few feet away.

THE CHANGE: However, the effect is that feathers from a bowl, poured into the box, change to several white doves. Because there is a “ready-made” compartment now at the rear, feathers can be cascaded into this prior to the change into the doves which are now in front position. The lid on top is hinged upward and the feathers are dropped inside, being concealed behind the central panels. Top lid is closed, front lid is opened and the doves are produced!

USING A RABBIT: If you do not work with doves but would like to use this production box with a rabbit, I suggest that instead of pouring feathers into the empty cavity, that a white stole taken from the neck of a lady (you must plant one on someone nearby for this effect) would solve the problem. The white rabbit fur stole could be dropped inside the box, only moments later to be transformed into the real thing… a live rabbit, kicking and full of life.

GARDEN OF FLOWERS: The box is open to many variations. A gardening theme is one for a start.

Show the box to be empty. Tell your audience that it is a miniature greenhouse and that you are preparing to grow flowers inside it. Open the uppermost lid and scatter or pour inside seeds (flour). Open the front to display hundred of lovely flowers, these will expand and really fill the box twice and three times over which improve the illusion.