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Personally Speaking – Jan08 – Part 3

QUICK DEPARTURE This uses similar techniques to achieve a slightly different end. Ask someone to choose either the Red or Black Kings. Suppose the Red Kings are chosen. Place them face up onto the face-up Black Kings and place all four onto the face of the deck. Lift three Kings from the face with your […]

Personally Speaking – Jan08 – Part 2

Speaking of "Snow White," there is a scene in that film where Snow White is standing beside a well explaining to a flock of doves about a wishing well. She demonstrates how it works, then we see her from the bottom of the well, right through the water. We see her face, shimmering in the […]


Personally Speaking – Jan08

World Magic Seminar 2008 – Mark Stevens Fresh from the return of one of magic’s greatest conventions that pulls the most celebrities (from magicdom and Hollywood) over it’s long history – the 31st World Magic Seminar concluded another successful year. This year’s honoree was Princess Irene Larsen. A worthy recipient if they’re ever was one. […]