Personally Speaking – Aug08


Martha & I are pleased to announce that we have met one of our marriage goals. On August 16th, 1958, we were married and have enjoyed 50 years of marriage companionship! WOW…did the time fly by fast! There is no way we can count all of the things we have enjoyed in these 50 years or all of the places we’ve been to around the world!

So many magic friends and acquaintances, conventions, shows, moments of wonder and wonderful highlights in our magic life!

Selling "Thumb Tips" and illusions have been so much fun! The GREATER MAGIC VIDEO LIBRARY, The DESERT MAGIC SEMINAR, (which is now the World Magic Seminar). Finding wonderful original magic effects from all over the world.

Creating exciting catalogs for our magic world and servicing our many thousands of customers all over the world are just a few of our memories of our magic marriage.

Can you imagine how many card tricks I have made her watch in 50 years? Got to the point that I couldn’t fool her anymore as well. (But she always took the card.)

We are fortunate to have had some of the best seats in the house and to have seen what we have seen these 50 years.

We thank all of you who have touched our lives and thanks for the memories and friendships!

"See ya down the road"

Joe & Martha Stevens