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SME History

Jay Marshall performing with "Lefty" Jay Marshall performing Amy Stevens, Martha and Joe Stevens Stevens Magic Dealer’s Table at World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas Erika Larsen & Buma Joe & Martha Stevens John Saline, Jay Marshall, Gene Rump, Paul Stone, Billy McComb, Roger Crabtree, Ron Wilson, Joe & Karrell Fox. Photo taken at WMS. […]


Adams Part 3

Criss Angel Masterminds The DVD Series, Volume 2 – Self Levitation (DVD) – (Click the name of the product to visit the product page) Considered to be the most influential name in magic today, Criss Angel built his career by having a visionary approach and groundbreaking material. Now for the first time ever, it’s available […]


Adams Part 4

The fixed support of the Super X and the chair suspensions are in a class by themselves. What makes them interesting is that they use an object to facilitate the levitation. Going all the way back to the Indian rope trick, there is something attached to the floating person. We have all seen the flying […]


Adams Part 5

Spider Pen Electronic (Mesika) – (Click the name of the product to visit the product page) Yigal Mesika’s MasterPiece is Finally Available! Next Generation of Invisible Thread Reel! Sold OUT at every convention nation-wide! SPIDER PEN is powered by a silent electric motor; it uses no springs or rubber bands. There are no more safety […]



Stevens Magic is excited to announce a partnership with Thomas Blacke, the President of The International Association of Escape Artist. Thomas is also the editor of “Escape Masters Magazine,” which is published quarterly and mailed all over the world. We would like to welcome Thomas Blacke to our family of GeMiNi (Greater Magic Network) contributors […]



The Classics of Magic Buyers Guide to the Linking Rings By Joesph Capaul On a recent trip to a magic shop, I had the opportunity to observe two boys on a mission to buy some magic apparatus. One of the boys was interested in a set of Linking Rings, while the other boy did his […]


Capaul Part 2

Notable Ring Performers. With so many magicians actively performing the Linking Rings it is very had to narrow the list. Click here to learn more about the Linking Rings with Locking Key (3-Ring Set) – ($55.00) Notable Past Masters. Philippe – Shown in the classic picture with pointed wizard’s hat, and robe. Dai Vernon – […]

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