LEVITATION – The Magic of Gravity

by Sherid Adams
The magician takes a solid steel ball and makes it float between his hands.

The wonderful advances in the art of magic have been stunning over the last hundred years. Card magic has blossomed and the concept of close-up is now at religious levels. As one of my friends said years ago: there is more written about card magic than medicine. I believe this is true. Certainly with all of the “new” illusions and world famous entertainers working today we have hundreds of magical moments to cling to.

Of these, I personally love the levitation.

Having worked both on stage and in the most direct forms of table magic, I have had many of those after the trick conversations. Such as: “How long have you been doing this?” And, “Can you make my wife disappear?” To the first question I answer, “About five minutes.” To the second, “That would be a full time job.”

But what they ask most often is “Have you seen that magician-what’s his name-that made the Statue of Liberty disappear?”

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Portable Asrah “At last-An Illusion that gives true definition to the term, “Packs Flat-Plays Big!” If there were awards in magic for design and vision, Julio Lipan would be a sure winner with his Portable Asrah. ” –Joe Stevens The assistant, standing at the performer’s side, is covered by a cloth. Within seconds, she begins to float, first vertically and then horizontally! The performer’s hands are free as the woman continues floating, you even see her feet moving! Suddenly, she vanishes into thin air! The traditional Asrah version requires bulky apparatus, equipment hung from the theatre grating and several assistants. With Julio Lipan’s Portable Asrah, you can forget the apparatus, big stages and other helpers. The effect is the same but much more practical now that the performer himself handles everything. Using only one assistant, you can perform the Asrah illusion in a ballroom or even a living room! This is a great illusion that can be carried in a small suitcase- collapses down to 18" X 10" X 6". When the Asrah is fully extended its 5’3" tall. What’s even more magical is that the entire illusion weighs only about four lbs. A perfect banquet illusion! Don’t let the price cause you to think this is just another cheap illusion! Price is $795 plus $25 shipping & handling.


That was then, now there are new magicians each month that do amazing things. Now they ask if I have seen David Blain do the thing in the block of ice. These questions prompt the card worker to create an effect where the statue vanishes or the selected card is found in a block of ice, just to fully and magically illustrate the answer to their question. In the same way that we don’t talk about other women when we are on a date with a woman, magicians hate to answer questions about other performers. These questions, however, tell us a great deal about the public’s perception of our art form. They want to know about the biggest illusion they saw last. Back when Copperfield did the statue vanish, that was what they mentioned most. When in the past I have performed for schools and children’s programs, the kids would send me thank you notes. These were usually in the form of a magical cliché’, such as in the shape of a top hat. One teacher sent me about thirty pages, all hand written notes, drawings, and all stapled together. Of the twenty or more magic tricks that I would perform, the two most often rendered by the kids were doves and linking rings. Why? I would suggest that it was simply because those were the most memorable to them. These two tricks were not only most often repeated but also, looking through the bunch of thanks, they were the only drawings. This should point out the power of certain tried and true magical moments to remain in the memory of human beings.