Stevens Magic is excited to announce a partnership with Thomas Blacke, the President of The International Association of Escape Artist. Thomas is also the editor of “Escape Masters Magazine,” which is published quarterly and mailed all over the world. We would like to welcome Thomas Blacke to our family of GeMiNi (Greater Magic Network) contributors and other SME columnist. We invite you to check out Thomas’s website where you can subscribe to this entertaining magazine. This interview was recently featured in one of the editions of “Escape Master’s Magazine.”

Thomas Blacke – Author and President of The International Association of Escape Masters.

Lance Burton Interview

(authorized for Stevens Magic, and GeMiNi – The Greater Magic Network, by Thomas Blacke)

Martha Stevens and Lance Burton

Mark Stevens and Lance Burton

This interview highlights one of the greatest magicians in the world, and one of our personal favorites in the Stevens family – Mr. Lance Burton. Lance has done so much for magic overall, but also has always been committed and passionate about spear-heading projects aimed at our youth. In doing so — he continues to be a relentless crusader ensuring that the art we love — will continue to prosper in future generations. – Mark Stevens

10 Questions with Lance Burton

Lance Burton-Master Magician. We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview Lance for Escape Masters Magazine. Lance’s show at the Monte Carlo is continually one of the most popular shows on the Las Vegas Strip. His success is due to his engaging personality and a warmth that extends to his audiences during his performance. Lance was the first American to win a Gold Medal at FISM in 1980, and continues to open each of his shows with the 12-minute act that has brought him such fame and fortune. His show is an amazing combination of illusion, comedy, manipulation, close-up, and escapes that leave the spectator with an experience that will last for a lifetime.

Q. What first sparked your interest in magic?

A. I was 5 years old and was watching a magic show performed by Harry Collins. He asked me on stage to assist him with the Miser’s Dream. It is still one of my favorite tricks, and it has recently been put into my show at the Monte Carlo , where it has been a big hit.

Q. What was your first escape?

A. My first escape was the straitjacket. I started performing it around 1992, when my show was at the Hacienda Hotel, in Las Vegas . The inspiration for the escape was a movie that was planned about the life of Harry Houdini. I still perform the escape today, mostly at charity events because it packs small and plays big.

Q. Describe your most dangerous escape.

A. My most dangerous escape was the “Death Coaster” shown on my special, “Lance Burton-Master Magician”. The original idea for the escape belonged to my friend John Thompson, who had acted as a consultant on a Japanese Magic Special, where the concept was created. John had asked me for years to perform the escape, and I finally agreed. We did the escape in one take, with two weeks of preparation. I was cured of performing any more death defying escapes. There was nothing to top that!