Capaul Part 2

Notable Ring Performers.

With so many magicians actively performing the Linking Rings it is very had to narrow the list.

Notable Past Masters.

  • Philippe – Shown in the classic picture with pointed wizard’s hat, and robe.
  • Dai Vernon – the master, and creator of the standard classic 6-ring routine.

  • Richard Ross – used his 3-ring routine to help win at FISM.

  • Jack Miller – performed with a set of 5 rings.

  • L.L. Ireland – created a standard routine worth looking at.
  • Jay Marshall – with his own brand of comedy he made you smile.

Notable Present Masters.

  • Cellini – a smooth two ring routine perfected in years of street performing.
  • Chris Capehart – a 3-ring routine for all the same reasons Cellini’s is successful

  • Whit Haydn – his comedy 4 ring routine is the most commercial available also developed on the streets.
  • Jonathan Neal – Beautiful 2 ring routine of perfect linking, and unlinking.
  • Jeff McBride – Exciting 6 ring routine able to be worked under any condition.
  • Shoot Ogawa – The Ninja Rings gave purpose to smaller sets usually relegated to magic sets.

What books/videos should you look for?

· The book “Rings in your Fingers”, by Dariel Fitzkee, is one of the best. It is full of moves, counts and figures. While this book is primarily a reference, it does offer some sound advice on routines.

· The “Tarbell Course in Magic” devoted space to the Linking Rings in volume 4.

· “Blackstone’s Secrets of Magic” offers a very good routine using a full eight-ring set. The basic routine uses very solid material and is relatively simple to perform.

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