Capaul Part 3

· The all time classic routine by Dai Vernon, taught in the “Symphony of the Rings”, is highly recommended. This routine, designed for a six-ring set, is well thought out and needs no alterations. This can be found in print in the “Dai Vernon Book of Magic”, or on the “Revelations” DVDs.

Watch Whit Haydn’s 4 Ring Routine (DVD) HERE and view the product description HERE

It may take a few minutes to download the video, but it’s worth the wait!

· Whit Haydn’s 4 Ring routine can be performed as a straight or comedy routine. This is one of the most versatile routines available. It is available in book, video, or DVD.

· Magic on Stage, volume 1, by Jeff McBride. All of Jeff’s videos are excellent and well worth the nominal cost. While the intent of this video is to teach someone how to create a magic act, the material on the Linking Rings is excellent. Not only does this video teach a complete six ring routine, performed silently, it has additional material on other ring moves.

· Steven’s Magic offers The Greater Magic Video Library. Material includes several contributors. Richard Ross, Jay Marshall and others offer up material on this video. The Al Koran 3 ring routine is here, along with Richard Ross’ 3-ring routine. Ross was an inspiration to me with his excellent routine.

· The Al Koran 3 silver rings are available in book, or DVD format.

· Shoot Ogawa’s “Ninja Rings” is available on DVD.

· Tom Frank’s version of the Jack Miller 5 ring routine is available on DVD under the title “The Legend of the Five Mystic Rings”. A very impressive routine, and presentation. Don’t try to learn this routine from the original text, buy the DVD, trust me.

What apparatus is available?

The Linking Rings have been around for more than a century. The basic apparatus has not changed much during this time. The variations have been in the number of rings, the combination, construction materials and the type of key ring.

Linking Rings are available from your local magic dealer and the major mail order supply houses. The rings are available singly, in prelinked chains and full 8 ring sets.

For the aspiring ring performer there is some basic information that should be considered: Cost, quality and usability.

Rings come in two basic types, hollow and solid. The rings also come in various sizes, ranging from 4 to 18 inches in diameter. There are two key types that are popular, standard and locking.

What size is best?

I have purchased several sets of rings over the years with mixed results. I started with a set of rings that was about 5 inches in diameter. While this was very inexpensive, I found that I could not do any “over the head”, or any “up the arm” moves.

The small diameter ring of 4 to 5 inches has its devotees but they look too much like a magic-set item. Shoot Ogawa has changed all of this with his “Ninja Rings” routine.

Shoot Ogawa’s Ninja Rings (Silver) – ($32.50)