Cole Reida

Personality Synopsis

Craig Cole & Shawn Reida

Craig Cole & Shawn Reida

SHAWN REIDA — Our “Magician On Duty” here at SME (Stevens Magic Emporium)! Shawn is a professional magician who has been in magic for 25 years! He has been with SME since April 2008! A professional magician who is one of the best sellers of his act that I have seen. He works every week and has the luxury of leaving the shop when he has a show to do. He travels all over the state of Kansas and can do any type of magic show needed. His prices vary according to the type of show and how many people attending.

He is proficient at:

  • Children’s Shows
  • Close-Up
  • Library Shows
  • Adult Shows
  • School Shows
  • Table Hopping
  • Trade Shows

Shawn has studied the art for 40 years and is very original in his routines. He is knowledgeable and knows most all there is needed to know in working for us here at SME. He’s a wonderful demonstrator and puts people first in servicing them. We look for many more years of fine help from Shawn and you will be talking to him on the phone when you call in with your orders or with questions.

CRAIG COLE — Our “Advisor On Duty” here at SME. Though not employed by SME, Craig has been a long time advisor and friend, helper, fixer, demonstrator…for almost 20 years here in Wichita. It was former magician, Ben Small, who first introduced Craig to magic and the “bug” bit then and he has enjoyed the art ever since!

He joined the IBM in 1990 and has attended 19 consecutive Desert magic Seminars/World Magic Seminars as well. He has been assistant dealer chairman for the event too, helping dealers in the dealer room. He performs shows for corporations, associations, private parties and prefers the stand-up (parlor) environment over stage and close-up, though he is very proficient in close-up as well.

He is the owner of “Craig Cole’s Magic Underground” here in Wichita which is a one of its kind venue for intimate parlor magic shows – Thanks Craig for always being there when I need you. Joe Stevens