Edward Part 3

Mark and Tony took advantage when huge groups of whales were beaching themselves and the U.S. Navy’s research in low frequency sonar was extensive. The hoaxsters managed to get a 5-page article in “Fate Magazine” about their premise. “It was pure science fiction, but it brought in a boatload of publicity and lectures on telepathy,” Mark said.

In addition to the Magic Castle , Mark has taught beginning and advanced magic for groups, children and privately; he works the psychic party circuit and gives corporate intuition seminars. He was on the radio as a call-in psychic from 1987 to 1990 in the United States including Hawaii .

Mark has also worked the psychic phone lines and has extensive television credits including: A & E’s Houdini Biography (now on DVD, where he was a “spiritualist expert.) He has performed séances for the Sci-Fi Channel’s “Mysteries, Magic & Miracles”, Canadian Television’s “Mysterious Forces Beyond” and “Ex-ploring The Un-known” (where he worked as a “store-front psychic”).

His pilot episode of Showtime’s Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit” featured a segment on “Talking With The Dead” and was nominated for an Emmy Award. Stay tuned for the season finale of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, where Mark recently completed a “totally over the top” séance with the comedy contestants.

After 30 years of “serious” mentalism-Mark Edward now shares these methods and the psychology of supernatural presentation with others so they can participate in this wonderful niche.

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