F I S M Part 3

Mark Stevens At Stevens Magic Booth

How Joe & Mark Got To Sweden !

In the lecture halls (with names like The Dai Vernon Room or the Dante Room) the secrets are easily dispensed. The words are often simple – yet profound. Some excerpts:

“If you truly want to understand the essence of a magic illusion (or prop), go to the source. Or as close to the source as you can get.” In the case of the Malini Egg Bag, Paul asked Max’s son for the extra insight.

Paul Daniels

“Magic is a healing art. You give and you get at the same time. But, first ask before you try to amaze someone.”

Jeff McBride

Abi & Jeff McBride

Jeff McBride On Stage

“Don’t wait for a booking agent to call. Most magic is do it yourself. So go out and do it yourself.” “The cup comes to the load and not the other way around.”

The quintessential street magic veteran, Cellini

“It’s not the size of the prop – it’s the move that’s important. Use alternate props. For example, an apple with a bite out of it, put on an ice cream stick can be used with a paddle move.”

Gaetan Bloom

“When you learn from the best…as this and many other conventions offer – you can’t help but get better – quicker.”

Deana Murray

FISM 2006 was well organized (thanks to El Duco), entertaining and informative. Six full days of sensory explosions. Probable more than any normal person could take. But then, for the love of magic and fellow magicians, it was hard to miss even a single moment. And now that it’s over, it’s even harder to say goodbye. But you know, no one ever forgets their FIRST days in high school. Likewise, I will never forget my FIRST FISM.

See ya soon, back in the states.


P.S. I hope all my friends and fellow magicians made it safe and sound to their final destinations!