My First FISM

by Deana Murray

Thomas Blacke – Author and President of The International Association of Escape Masters.

The older you get, the fewer ‘FIRSTS’ you get. Remember your FIRST kiss? FISM 2006 in Stockholm , Sweden could be described like that – in that I didn’t know quite what to expect. Or your FIRST day in high school? You’ve heard about it, but you don’t know anyone but previous classmates. Luckily there are counselors and guidebooks to help make it through those first awkward moments – and then you meet new people. You might sit next to them in class or in the lunchroom – and before you know it, you find your way. This was my experience. And now that I’ve met some new friends from Sweden (Johnny Mc I), France (Pierre Mayer), Italy (Victorio), Germany (Harold and Angelica Voit) and as far away as Serbia and Taiwan (Rossi and Christina), and a few Americans like Tessa Evason… For me, it is the United Nations of Magic. Despite the language barriers, we smile and react to each other as if we are cut from the same fabric. And we are.

The Voit’s – Zauberzentrale Munchen

The Garretts

Yuji Yamamoto (UGM) and Deana Murray

Once inside the Convention Center, we were greeted with a daily newspaper filled with FISM events and schedules and highlights from the day before. Over 2500 magicians throughout the halls are engaged in conversations and exchanges of techniques. Cards and coins are seemingly everywhere. If you stood in the same place and turned around in a circle – no two effects were the same.