Gauci2 Part 2

My father and I have a love/hate relationship with these guys, we love them as friends, performers and pitchmen. Yet, we are envious (in an appreciative manner) relative to how good they are at demonstration. Additionally at how quick they are able to close their shop at the end of a convention. Charles average packing time take all of three minutes (compared with to three hours for us).

While I do not have the tenure my father has in terms of experiencing all the wonders of the world of magic, I have been around long enough to know when someone really makes that rare and lasting impact in the world of magic. Charles Gauci is definitely one of, if not the most successful makers of magical miracles I have ever seen. I see now why Joe says his line is the modern day Ken Brooke.

Body Language (Charles Gauci)

The performer shows a drawstring bag containing five small balls, one of which is black. He walks into the audience and asks someone to reach into the bag and remove one of the balls, keeping it hidden in his hand. After all five balls are distributed; the performer asks the spectators to peek into their fists to see what color ball they are holding. The performer announces that he will find the black ball because Body Language will tell him who is holding it. He goes from person to person, eliminating the other balls. Of course, he knows who is holding the black ball! Suitable for table-hopping, strolling, stage and a wonderful children’s effect. Complete with detailed instructions, bag, balls and special gimmick. Bag and ball colors may vary. FREE DVD with purchase!

$99.00 – Watch a demonstration of this product here

Every time Charles lectures, I always ask a few friends how it went – and the truth is – every single person “raves” about his effects. As I stated last time in a previous story about Charles, I once asked Tom Westerheide (a person that is not shy about providing negative critiques), which of Charles effects he enjoyed the most. Tom’s answer was – all of them!

As a result of Charles amazing performance acumen and creative accomplishments, many people seek out his expertise and advise. In fact, Charles is working on some exciting new projects that you will be hearing about soon – that will only reaffirm his position as one of the best triple headers (Creator, Pitch Men and Performer extraordinaire) in the world.

Nostradamus (Charles Gauci)

The performer shows a small board with 16 magnetic number tiles. Four spectators are each given face down tiles. The first spectator chooses the order for his tiles to be placed across the board. Each does the same in turn. The four resulting four-digit numbers are added. The performer shows his prediction written on a pad. It matches! He tears off the page, crumples it and drops it on the table. Once again, he distributes the tiles. Now, he takes one from each individual, repeating until the board is full. This set of numbers results in a new total. The performer picks up his original crumpled prediction, blows on it and opens it-his prediction has mysteriously changed to the new total! An impossible close-up number prediction, which will baffle the most astute audiences.

$50.00 – Watch a demonstration of this product here

Stevens Magic is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Charles Gauci’s line. Equally important is the philosophy that we both share regards to, individual substance, integrity and ethics in magic. Our relationship works because there is a foundation that is more important then just sales and products. This foundation is a personal belief in what is right, and a willingness not to compromise those inherent values.

Houdini Card Mystery (Charles Gauci)

The performer brings out a deck of cards with two holes in it. A card is chosen and signed by a spectator. It is returned to the deck, which is shuffled and placed back in the card case. A rubber band is wrapped around the case. Now, a ribbon is threaded through one hole and a bolt is placed through the other. A nut is tightened onto the bolt. A spectator holds the ends of the ribbon and another person covers the deck with a handkerchief. The performer brings out the selected signed card. The spectator still holds the ribbon and the bolt is still secured through the deck!

$50.00 – Watch a demonstration of this product here

For those of you that have known us a long time, we want assure you that we fully endorse not just the products featured by Charles Gauci, but the man himself as well. Charles is one of those rare, total package deals (first class all the way).