Charles Gauci is in the House!

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Charles Gauci and Joe Stevens

Charles Gauci continues to amaze Joe and myself, and we can say with absolute conviction – we are not alone. Time after time, year after year, convention after convention Charles continues generating the most buzz of any performer! This feat is an amazing accomplishment for any performer – yet is all the more amazing when you consider that Charles is usually only a “Dealer” at the conventions he attends.

When you ask a conventioneer who they saw that amazed them the most — the anticipated answer would be one of the head lining performers from one of the evening shows — but the surprise response is Charles Gauci.

And now we offer the first product high-light (the feature story will continue below)

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Super DeLuxe Eye To Eye (Charles Gauci)

The performer hands a spectator a folded bill and a medallion. She is asked to place her hands behind her back and hide one in each hand. She brings her hands in front and the performer announces that he will attempt to guess which hand is hiding the bill. If he fails, the money is hers. She holds her hands up; he looks deep into her eyes. He tells her that her eyes will give away the position of the money so she must try to bluff him. But, it’s no use; the performer identifies the hand holding the bill. The procedure is repeated again and again always with the same outcome. Two different gimmicks and methods of performance are included. This is a professional, foolproof, reputation-making, mental miracle! FREE DVD with purchase!

$99.00 – Watch a demonstration of the product here

Charles Gauci is very unique and different in many ways; it’s impossible to compare him to any professional magicians – past or present. From a business standpoint, I would say that Charles is similar to Mark Mason… At the start of every convention whether it be in the States, Cyprus, Europe or Australia, they both come into the dealer room with a few large suitcases of products the first day.

When the last day rolls around those bags are empty and the inventory is gone (something that a general merchandiser such as myself can only dream of).

Winner Takes All (Charles Gauci)

The performer shows three velvet bags, three balls (2 gold and 1 black) and three cards (numbered 1, 2, 3). Three spectators each take a bag and secretly trade balls. The balls are placed back into the bags and, while the performer’s back is turned, the spectators note which bag has the black ball. Now, the bags are placed behind the three numbered cards and the performer brings out three bills, a $10, $20 and a $50. The game allows a spectator to place a bill on whichever bag he chooses. If the performer is wrong about the whereabouts of the black ball, the spectator gets to keep the money! But, with 100% accuracy, the performer is able to pick which bag contains the black ball. Can be repeated immediately. Can be performed on stage, table hopping and completely surrounded. No suspicious moves whatsoever. Very, very clean! Comes with 3 bags, 3 balls, gimmick and instructions. FREE DVD of Charles!

$99.00 – Watch a demonstration of the product here