Grubb Part 2

How do you stand out?

How do you make yourself approachable without looking like everyone else?

Do you think all the big performers are more talented than you? Do you think all the big moneymakers have more technical skill? Is it their motivation? Maybe it’s money… they just have more money.

It’ none of these things.

It’s relationships. It’s all about relationships.

Relationships are what make the world go round. Every time you do a good show, word gets around. Every time you mutter an unprofessional comment, word gets around. And after a while people start to tell their friends and their friends and their friends.

But suppose you want to get to know some of the Big Boys in magic. How do you build a relationship?

So How Do YOU Create These Relationships?

1) Stalk them at a magic convention and be a groupie.

2) Call them and talk to them on the phone. (Yeah, right)

3) Fly out to their homes and knock on their front doors.

4) Send email after email until they respond.

5) Hire them to do a high-priced show, then talk to them.

Or you can use a system I have been using for quite a while that has Slipped below the radar of most marketers, whether you are a magician or not.

Personal contact has ALWAYS been the ONE thing that stands out far beyond anything I have ever used to get business. For years I made a point to send special packages of books, gifts, candies, personal items, etc., just to show clients and prospects that I cared about them. But recently, I started sending personal cards and notes to clients consistently…being delivered by the US Postal Service all from the comfort of my home office via the Internet.

Imagine being able to go to a party, have a picture taken with the host or birthday child, then you upload the picture, print your card, and send it to the person who hired you! Do you think the card would be passed around? Do you think it would be kept?

You betcha!

Now, suppose you want to contact a corporate prospect for an upcoming holiday show. You create a few cards. Have them scheduled to be sent a week apart. Press a button, you’re done.

This has to be the BEST referral and marketing tool for performers in the last 40 years.

If you’d like to see some of my custom cards, go to

The key is the personal touch. Whether you send a fortune cookie, a gift, or a surprise, you need to send something different and personal. In this way you stand out from the rest of the crowd. And have more fun with your life while making everyone feel better.


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