The Franz Harary Interview

by Thomas Blacke

(authorized for use by Stevens Magic and GeMiNi – The Greater Magic Network, by Thomas Blacke)

Stevens Magic is excited to announce a partnership with Thomas Blacke, the President of The International Association of Escape Masters. Thomas is also the editor of “Escape Masters Magazine,” which is published quarterly and mailed all over the world. We would like to welcome Thomas Blacke to our family of GeMiNi (Greater Magic Network) contributors and other SME columnist. We invite you to check out Thomas’s website where you can subscribe to this entertaining magazine. This interview was featured in the August 2003 edition of “Escape Master’s Magazine.”

Thomas Blacke – Author and President of The International Association of Escape Masters

Over nearly two decades, magic fans around the world have been entertained and amazed by the incredible illusions performed by Franz Harary. His unique brand of illusion, called "MegaMagic" involves creating spectacular optical illusions outdoors, which he has performed in many countries around the world.

Franz’s unique ability to create, design, and perform these amazing illusions puts him a class all by himself. Some of his more spectacular illusions over the years have included making the Space Shuttle vanish at Kennedy Space Center live for NBC TV, moving the Diamond Head volcano in Hawaii two miles out to sea, making the Luxor Pyramid in Las Vegas vanish, and in India, making the Taj Mahal levitate, and then vanish into space. (Thanks for returning it, though!!…).

Franz continues to set the standard today for creating and performing newer, and even greater illusions to entertain his audiences around the world. His knowledge of magic as an art form is unsurpassed, and I am sure you will enjoy this interview with my friend, Franz Harary.


Q: How old are you, and where were you born?
A: I was born on July 18, 1962, in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Q: How long have you been a professional Magician?
A: I started performing when I was 13 years old, and have been performing ever since.

Q: How many countries have you appeared in?
A: Too many to count, all over the world.

Q: Do you still have three touring units?
A: Yes, Imagine Nation 1, is based in North America, and South America. Imagine Nation 2 is based in Asia. The third unit, Hyperreality, is permanently based in India.

Q: How did you get you start as a designer of illusions?
A: In 1984, Michael Jackson hired me to design illusion for his Victory tour. I still design my own illusions. It is extremely important to me that everything I do is my own design. This issue is paramount to me. Aside from creating illusions for my own show, I still create illusions for other concerts, and shows.