Marshall Part 2

It was Jay Marshall who advised us to start the Desert Magic Seminar, (Now the World Magic Seminar) in Las Vegas years ago and he was right! This was all discussed over a bottle of Scotch in Tulsa , Okla. I listened to this wisdom and did what he told me. The Seminar has now seen 27 years of success.

The bottle of Scotch that started the Seminar –
Joe, Jay and Pete Biro

We always referred to him as the – "Chairman of the Board" for that advice!

He truly was the "Dean of American Magicians" as appointed by the Society of American Magicians, and his act will be a difficult one for anyone to follow!

I’ve always signed off my "Personally Speaking" columns with the adage that I learned from the Showman’s league, (which Jay got me to join years ago)…It was the goodbye from one showman to the others when they were leaving for the next town to work & perform…as in those days they did not have highway signs and one could get lost so easily, so those in the lead would mark the trees with painted arrows, so those who followed would know they were on the right road, etc.

Jay Marshall and Lefty

Magic Jay had to show us these Chinese Sticks – they were his favorite! Mark, Joe and Jay at Jay’s famous Magic Shop!

They would proclaim, as leaving, "See you down the road, and watch for the arrows".

In closing, I now proclaim to Jay, "See you Jay, down the road, and we’ll be watching for the arrows" and thanks for everything you have done for our family all of these years!

With all respects and admiration –

Joe, Martha, Mark & Amy Stevens

P.S. "Lefty" has retired with Jay as well! (We’re so glad that Martha talked Jay into doing the video with him and Lefty, so we have him forever!) And Jay will now be one of the "Masters of Ceremonies” in that great magic show in the heavens, along with Dorny and Karrell Fox!

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