Personally Speaking – Aug 2 05

Personally Speaking – St. Louis



We had a wonderful time in St. Louis this past month, and a fun event was hosted by Steve Zuelke and his excellent staff. What once was the "Jewel of the Mid-West" with regards to a magic convention, is now headed back to those "Golden Years" of those great magical weekends, thanks to the effort spent by all involved!

Brenda Hahne and Michael Lair
Mark, John Thompson and Joe

Danny Archer and Rachelle Wild

The Great Tomsoni and Tony Chapek and David Williamson were the big hits at the event with their classic magic acts. And Johnny Thompson wowed them with his stellar close-up performance. No one can follow David Williamson when he gets on a roll and Tony Chapek’s Television Act is still second to none!

Stevens Magic Booth Tom Burgoon is in the house!

We enjoyed brisk business in the dealer room and the Jubilee considers dealers in their planning and none of the dealers were conflicting with others with their line of goods as well.

Steve Bender and Marty Hahne Walter Graham and Andy Greget enjoying the fellowship
Shep Hyken and the terribly bashful Tony Miller! John Jurney and his lovely wife with some great new coin effects.