Piatt Part 10

Night Flight (CL) – (Click the name of the product to visit the product page)

Your spectators selects 1 symbol of 8, which are on the tops and bottoms of 4 opaque black plastic boxes which fit inside a larger clear plastic box. Drawing the symbol of her choice on a square of paper, she seals it inside the small black box with tape. Placing blank paper in the others, she seals them all and places all of them into the clear plastic box. Upon re-entering the room, the mentalist divines her choice at a glance! Everything is examinable! Dr. Jacks and Dr. “Q” would be impressed! Ray Piatts items are too good for magic acts. I wish he only released them to psychic entertainers and mentalist – Donald Stuart, Rancho Verdes, CA. Regular price is $47.50…YOU SAVE $27.50!


SM: So then, a question that is on my mind-

Ray: Is Ray Piatt nuts. I’ll tell you ahead of time, yes. He is.

SM: For a man like you who invents and is familiar with the art of mentalism. Do you believe in real psychic phenomenon? It sounds like you do. The reason I ask it because of guys like James Randy and of course Harry Houdini who spent a great deal of time trying to prove the negative.

Ray: Yes. That’s true. Some people don’t want to hear, don’t want to see. They just gloss over it. I was in Munich with Punx and the subject of O.B.E. came up. I hadn’t brought mine up yet. Now he was the kind of guy that if he just looked at you, you knew he was going to read your mind. That was the kind of face he had. If you looked him in the eye, you knew he was looking behind your eyeballs, man. I have a poster of him and you can see it. He spoke with a very heavy accent, which I won’t try to duplicate. He said he was in a hospital bed and they had just operated on him, and he came to, and he could see the people who were standing over him, but he could see the tops of their heads. He was looking down at the people who were looking down at him. I believed him. He said it with such sincerity that I had no doubt. Then I told him my story and he believed me. There was a conjunction there between him and I. Do I believe in the real thing?

Yes I do.


Let the soft rain from the heavens fall ever so lightly upon your face
and the sun shine through all the darkened clouds that inhibit your mind.
Let the wind come and whisper words of love as it caresses your thoughts
and the darkness of the night create a heavenly shadow only you can see.
Let any pain you feel not linger on but disappear within your breath
and when you reach out with outstretched arms be there harmony within your grasp.
Let the love you possess be shown to others in need of a spiritual friend
and your soul, mind and brain be joined together as one body within your body.
Let others whom you love sense and become aware of your most inner feelings
and closing your eyes in meditation your eyes feel the soft hues of warmth enter in.
Let go of tensions so your inner-found spirit can see the warm glow inside your eyes
and separate all disturbing sounds while entering your most peaceful state.
Let your mind control and worship your sincere desire to be of one within one
and absorb the sound of silence inside the unity that only you and your maker can provide.