Review by Andy Martin for Ultissimo Deluxe – Louie Gaynor & Paul Curry

5 out of 5

Ultissimo Done Perfectly!

I’ve always been a fan of Paul Curry’s Touch and Ultissimo has intrigued me as a great adaptation of Touch (even though Curry was never credited for the inspiration). But until this beauty came along from Joe Stevens I had not found a worthy version. In fact when I purchased this I wasn’t sure how nice it would be as I don’t think Joe’s photos do this justice. When it arrived I was more than happy, it really is a beautiful version and works perfectly.

The effect is cleanest mentalism at its best: you ask two spectators to think of a red card and a black card respectively (absolutely no force). You write down two predictions with their backs to the audience and place them in the stands. You now ask the two to reveal their cards and place them in the stands too. When you turn around the stand the cards match perfectly every time. It is clean and instantly resets.

The stand is turned to perfection and there is even a plastic insert to ensure years of trouble free twisting and the joints are all very solid. The cards fit inside the stand securely without any movement so you place the cards at the perfect angle.

You’ll not find a better version of this classic effect.

Highly Recommended.

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