SME History

Jay Marshall performing with "Lefty"

Jay Marshall performing

Amy Stevens, Martha and Joe Stevens

Stevens Magic Dealer’s Table at World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas

Erika Larsen & Buma

Joe & Martha Stevens

John Saline, Jay Marshall, Gene Rump, Paul Stone, Billy McComb, Roger Crabtree, Ron Wilson, Joe & Karrell Fox. Photo taken at WMS.

WMS at Hacienda in Las Vegas

Having fun planning DMS – early years – Jay Marshall, Pete Biro, Bill Wells, Roger Crabtree & Joe Stevens

Joe Stevens, Jay Marshall & Pete Biro at "DMS" – "It all started with a bottle of scotch"

"Officer, you’ve got the wrong guy"! Max Armstrong and local police arrest Jay Marshall and escort him into Wichita in the paddywagon.

Jay Marshall, lady friend of Channing, Channing Pollock, Terry Seabrooke and Pete Biro at WMS

Paul Daniels would do anything to improve his act.

Claude Enslow, Charlie Myrick, and Faucett Ross at a magic weekend in Wichita.

Rich Bloch, Siegfried, Roy and Joe toasting another successful year.

Joe Stevens, Roy, Muhammad Ali and Siegfried

Siegfried, Joe and Roy

Mikame Craft and Mark Stevens at WMS

Photo taken at Jay Marshall’s magic shop "Magic, Inc." – Mark and Joe Stevens with Jay Marshall

Tony Slydini and Martha Stevens

Max Maven, Martha, Mark & Eugene Burger

Martha Stevens & Lance Burton

Billy McComb and Mark Stevens

Joe & Martha Stevens, Julio Lipan, Mark Stevens at photo school for catalog

Mark Stevens, Johnny Thompson & Joe Stevens

Kuda Bux

Tony Slydini and a "very" young Mark Stevens

Tony Slydini & Joe Stevens

Dai Vernon, Tony Slydini, Paul Stone, Joe Stevens, David Copperfield, and Martha Stevens

Joe Stevens, Lior Manor, and Randy Wakeman

Joe Stevens & Yuji Yamamoto

Joe Berg

Joe Stevens performance with Rachel Statis

Faucet Ross and Joe Stevens

Joe Stevens & Georges Proust

Fred Kapps & Joe Stevens

Harold Martin & Joe Stevens

Mark Buma Jr. & Joe Stevens

Dai Vernon & Joe Stevens

Pete Biro, Joe Stevens & Guy Bavli

Joe & Buma Sr.

Joe Stevens & Jay Marshall

Tony Slydini & Muhammad Ali

Roger Crabtree

Mark & Martha Stevens ready for "Flapper" Party at WMS

Largest Purse ever given out! Roy, Siegfried, Paul Gertner, Michael Weber & Joe Stevens

Richard Ross, Muhammad Ali, and Veronique

Marvyn Roy beats Joe out of $20!

Johnny Paul, Slydini, Dai Vernon & John Fisher. Early Desert Magic Seminar.

Fantasio, Monica, Mr. & Mrs. Davide Costi at WMS

Melinda, Lance Burton, Siegfried, Channing Pollack, Gay Blackstone, Roy & Harry Blackstone Jr.

Bro John Hammon & Dai Vernon

Harry Anderson

Roy, Slydini, Joe & Siegfried

Joe’s Uncle Ray goofing around with Joe at WMS

Dorney and Dai Vernon

Ton Onasaka, Joe, ???, Mark Burger & Mamasen Onasaka

Jay Marshall & Joe Stevens dressed for WMS Western Party

Martha & Mark Stevens at home

Gloria & Ralph Marcom, Earl & Gladys Christenberry

Tom Mullica and Martha Stevens

Siegfried, Amy and Joe Stevens, Roy, Martha Stevens

Martha & Joe Stevens with Manya Casto

Maria LaFay and Joe Stevens

Manfred Thumm & Vickie

Karrell Fox, Shim and Martha Stevens at Stevens Booth

Martha Stevens, Forrest Kuhns and Amy Stevens

Joe "cooking up" some great videos from the Greater Magic Video Library

Georges Proust, Martha & Joe Stevens

Joe, Martha and Amy Stevens

Joe and Mark Stevens

Thanks to all of you for the wonderful memories, and lets keep makin’ em!