World Magic Seminar

World Magic Seminar 2009 The 32nd World Magic Seminar

by Mark Stevens

We recently returned from WMS 2009 – and wanted to share some photos and convention buzz. This years Seminar honored respected illusion builder John Gaughan and featured an incredible array of talent.

Also 2009 honored Siegfried and Roy’s 50th anniversary working together. In those 50 years they have become trendsetters and magical royalty.

Martha, Siegfried, and Cilene Stevens

The 32nd World Magic Seminar also answered a question many magicians have been asking for years? Where in the world is Rudy Coby! For many just finding out the answer was worth the price of registration, as Rudy Coby returned to MC the opening show and repeated his original act that generated so much gossip almost 15 years ago!

The Opening Stage Show also featured great performances by Greg Frewin, David Kaplan and Jason Latimer, who recently changed his stage name to “Latimer.”

The People’s Choice International Stage Challenge Golden Lion Head award winner was “Soma” from Hungary. He performed a flawless modern manipulation act and was well deserved the honor of first place. Make no mistake; he was competing against equals with amazing talent as well. In fact, the qualities of the acts were all up to par.

My friend, Rafael Benatar hosted the All Star Award Show (the final show), and had an exceptionally creative routine that caters specifically to magicians, one like I’ve never seen before and really enjoyed.

The Ladies only event hosted by Martha Stevens and Deana Murray featured an exciting event that many of the magicians wanted to attend too, but it was for “ladies only” and featured Lynette Chappell (who works with Siegfried and Roy and stared in the show as the Evil Queen). Lynette provided historical tid-bits about her exciting life working and being a part of SARMOTI!

The dealer room was only closed for the afternoon shows, so as I’m sure you can understand, I wasn’t able to attend the many lectures and sessions that went on concurrently in the afternoon – but refer to the program for more details.

Speaking of the dealer room it was a buzz with action and preparation included 69 boxes of product sent to Las Vegas for the Stevens Magic booth.

As always it was a massive job unloading the products and getting them on the tables. We are very lucky to have a phenomenal crew that has been with us for many, many years and thanks to them – we were able to once again pull off an incredible display of professional prestidigitation.

All in all the Seminar was a success in so many ways, including but not limited to it giving us a chance to meet and greet so many of our magic friends we have worked with for over 38 years. The true magic can be found in fellowship and the World Magic Seminar provides us with that and so much more.

All of us at SME want to provide a special thanks to all of you that came to support the Seminar and Stevens Magic Emporium.

Post Convention Surprise:
One of the biggest surprises for Cilene and I came at the end of the convention, in fact it came one day after the convention. As is usually the case, I always stay an extra day to make sure the returning merchandise gets triaged and secured. Our good friends Al and Deana Murray offered us a ride home on a private jet! WOW! What an exciting and unique opportunity, one that we will never forget. At the end of a hard 6 days, it was “so nice” to be able to make it home so quickly. We returned Friday at about 6:00pm (Central Std). but of course, I had to be back at the office on Saturday. The day we flew we witnessed the highway of the skies as other jets zigged and zagged at various altitudes leaving a trail of smoke behind them from traveling 500 miles per hour.

Deana is a multi-talented performer and artist, who professionally writes and sings music and of course performs magic. Deana is also a strong supporter of Stevens Magic and has written many feature stories for our catalog and website in addition to other investments of her time and energy supporting the World Magic Seminar. She is one of the teen judges and continues to be one of Stevens Magic’s greatest assets.

Thanks to Albert and Deana Murray for allowing Cilene and I to experience a once in a lifetime experience traveling back to Wichita with you!