Review by William Hegbli for Esoteric – Ken Brooke (Finn Jon)

5 out of 5

This is a Killer version of the Haunted Deck. Introduce a deck of cards, have 3 spectators chose any card they wish from the deck (no force), put the the cards in 3 different positions of the deck.

Not get this, the performer puts the deck of cards on a carpeted floor. He instructs everyone to form a circle around the deck. Now, an invisible thread is introduced and handed to one of the spectators who selected a card. They are asked to pull on the invisible string. The deck begins to move out and finally return to its former position. One card is sticking out of the cards. The card is removed and it is that persons selected card. This is repeated with the other 2 spectators. Just think of the fun everyone is having and the emotion when they take an invisible thread. Laughter begins and continues throughout. No they are not Crazy, but they do feel silly. I presented this in an office with the employees and they all had fun! Cards can appear face up or face down, depending on how you want to reveal the cards. Highly Recommended!!

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