Review by William Hegbli for Fanning Cards LONG (UGM)

5 out of 5

These oversize Fanning Cards are superior in every way. They are the thinnest cards on the market and yet they hold up wall in use. When they are fanned, you will get a much larger display fan then with normal cards.

If you are use to working with normal decks, I suggest you purchase 2 decks and keep them together, as you will be able to do some very nice looking multiply fans.

These cards can be used for card production as well, you will have to determine that for your self, as the longer length may change some your positioning.

They do not come powdered or waxed. That is a choice you will also have to make. Some like the powder and some like the wax treatment. Wax is available from Stevens Magic as well. If you live and perform in a high humidity region, I would suggest you try the wax treatment. Card stock reacts differently to climate and weather conditions. These cards will give you smooth operation and nice looking displays in Fanning. Highly Recommended!!

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