Review by William Hegbli for Jim Hooper Nemo Jumbo Rising Cards – Ken Brooke (Biro)

5 out of 5

The Nemo Jumbo Rising Cards is 5 minutes of high caliber entertainment. Three cards are selected from the actual deck they will rise from. With lots of jokes and by-play, tow cards rise, then the Envelope Rises, and while the envelop is half way out of the houlette, the last selected card still opens the envelope and rises half way out of it.

It does take work to perform correctly and you much have a through understanding of the props and pieces contained therein. It is not self working trick, and that also keeps people from buying and performing it, that is fine with me, as I would rather have this exclusively as my own signature effect. The version I received did not come with a DVD, so I had to read multitude of printed pages, assemble the parts and practice several hours. It also requires you to assemble the gimmick and maintain the equipment and check it regularly before each performance. I know in today’s world of self working magic, that this behavior is foreign to aspiring magicians of today. All in all it takes work, practice and rehearsal to perfect and perform it correctly. I hope I have discouraged you enough to not buy this Wonderful Jumbo Rising Cards effect.

The late great Ken Brooke never liked selling his magic to anyone not willing to read the instructions and put in the effort with his magic offerings.

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