Personally Speaking – Joe Stevens Feb. 2010 – Update

World Magic Seminar 2010

Stevens Magic Emporium Rises to the Challenge!

Come and See Us in Vegas!


The 33rd annual World Magic Seminar (WMS), is fast approaching and this year will honor the sponsors’ of the Seminar – Siegfried & Roy! Don’t miss out on this amazing event that will feature many of the worlds most talented and well-known magicians and other celebrity entertainers. We are rising to the occasion thanks to our incredible staff that year after year knock out this mamouth task. This year we will ship a new record of 93 boxes of products and supplies! WOW!


That’s a lot of magic! Goods from all over the world, many of which specially ordered just for this event, will be featured adn on display at the Stevens Magic Emporium booths! In fact, the SME exhibit at WMS will features the largest display of magic products from one vendor in our 40 years of attending magic conventions WORLD WIDE! It’s an incredible tasks to prepare for this feat – and I am very proud of our staff for doing an excellent job! Last years event was featured on The Travel Channel’s – “Extreme Conventions” check out the video clip below!


Two of our mascots were all excited to make the trip with us, but Rufus and Romeo, unfortunately, will have to stay at the shop to handle customer calls and orders and YES – Stevens Magic Emporium will remain open for business and processing all orders. Staff will be available and on hand so it’s business as usual!

For those interested in the history of this amazing event you can view the 30th anniversary video historical that sheds some light on how it was created and how it grew to be one of magic’s greatest annual events. CLICK HERE to view the historical video.


Here is one of many boxes at Stevens Magic Empoirum we got a chuckle at – as it’s been all over the world, Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and Brasil! Wow! We have traveled the world many times over. Myself and Mark have gone through 3 passports in the past 15 years!

WMS always includes the “International Stage Competition” for the $5,000 GOLD LION HEAD Award as well as the $5,000 Siegfried & Roy “Sarmoti” Award.

Lance Burton will be on hand to host the event for the teens as he continues his commitment towards nurturing the future stars of the art we love. Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger work closely with Lance and also facilitate the “teen weekend.”

This event also features what many call the absolute best quality teen competition on the planet with international competitors that will knock your socks off. Of course, there is more including: Opening Night Party, Teach In Session, Close-Up Show and Close Up Competition, Special Ladies “only” event, Lectures and so much more.

Join us Stevens Magic Emporium (Joe, Martha, Mark, Mark Burger and our fabulous staff) for some fun and fellowship. As many of you know this event is always historical and maintains a sense of warmth and intimacy that is unique. It is always looked forward to by all of us here at SME, as we enjoy spending time with friends and customers – along with the action and entertainment. And of course the dealer room will contain a unique collection of select dealers from all over the world including the below and more yet to be announced!

  • Stevens Magic Emporium – USA
  • Spider Products – Germany (represented by Stevens Magic)
  • House of Fakini – USA – Under New Mgmt. (respresented by Stevens Magic)
  • House of Magic – Mark Burger (USA/South Africa)
  • UGM.Co – Japan
  • Domenico Dante – Italy
  • Dean Dill – USA
  • Viking/Collector’s Workshop – USA
  • Bill Smith Illusions – USA
  • Blackstone Jewlery – (Gay Blackstone) – USA
  • Nick Ruggerio – Signature Pieces – USA
  • Andy Greget – USA
  • Kreis Magic – Japan
  • Joe Porper Originals – USA
  • Mike Caveney – USA
  • Norm Nielsen – USA
  • Joker Magic – Hungary
  • Card Shark – Germany
  • Magic Smith – USA
  • Magic Magazine – USA
  • MUM Magazine – USA
  • Auke Van Dokkum – Holland (Just Added)
  • Lee Alex – UK (Just Added)

This is a great year to consider going, as room rates have never been better, the registration price is very fair and you can almost always get great fares when you fly to Las Vegas. For details about registration please CLICK HERE!