Review by Tony Razzano for Frank's Ghost – Belleas/Montana (Book)

5 out of 5

Frank’s Ghost is an absolutely outstanding effect. Nick Belleas shared this with me in a diner on 8th ave in NYC several years ago. I was floored! What was interesting, was that people at the next table who heard Nick’s story(supplied) and saw the effect were also floored. One gasped, and his wife said, Oh my God!” Since people noticed something was going on, Nick did this for another couple of tables. This can be done anywhere, anytime as the setup is minimal. You do need a “special something” which most of you have, but if not, they are available from Stevens and inexpensive. I have been using Frank’s Ghost in my seance, but it is certainly not limited to seance work. This is priced too low, in my opinion. Now there is one caveat…if you are bald, this won’t work for you. Yes, I am being serious. All in all, though, this is one of the finest effects on the market and the best of its kind.

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