JAPAN – From all of our customers and Stevens Magic!

We Care! Our Thoughts and Prayers are with YOU!

Stevens Magic Emporium and our customers extend our thoughts to all of you.

For those who want to help here – Please Consider even a SMALL $20.00 Donation for Japanese Red Cross!


From: Keisuke Hanada

From Japan. Hello Mark-san, I am safe. We are fighting against this disaster now. We never give up!

I want to introduce a message from you to the Japanese people.(Japanese Magicians)

We appreciate the friendship from your country!

Thank you for all the encouragement! I will make the archive site that keeps the information and messages of encouragement from the magic community.

Huge aftershocks still happening… I worry about the people near the reactors… KeisukeArigato! Tomodachi! – Keiauke Hanada

From: Yuji, Mariko and Koji Yamamoto

Dear Joe-san, Martha-san and Mark-san

Thank you for your kind concern. All of us are OK. Northeastern part of Japan has suffered a heavy loss. It is very very tragic.

Tokyo has some damage. However, we have never heard any bad news about our friends, magicians who live in Tokyo area. Southern part of Japan is OK. So, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyusyu,etc…. are OK.

Thank you again – Best Regards,
Yuji and Mariko

From Koji Yamamoto – UGM Magic


Yes, we are okay. Our area has no damage, but it’s so sad that many people died because of this tragedy… We are just doing what we can do for victims right now. It will take time to recover, but we will.

Many people from many countries have given great help to our country in many ways, which all Japanese people appreciate very much. Best, Koji Yamamoto – UGM

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One of the great things about the art of magic is that it touches all people – worldwide. Magicians are found in every nation, and magic is one of the unique things that brings us all together. Joe and I have traveled many times to Japan so we were very concerned when we heard the terrible news. We immediately thought of all our very good friends and were praying they are okay.


Overall, the good news is many of them are cooping through this terrible event. We are SO Thankful for those that are doing well, and terribly sad by those that have lost everything. These types of tragedy are best described as “biblical” in scope of destruction they bear. Imagine loosing everything in your life, your family, your home, your possessions. Worse is that normal essentials like clean drinking water, food and medications are almost non-existent. The psychological and physical trauma of this event is magnanimous.


When you think of Japanase Magic, you can’t help but to think of the many world known performers, personalities and artist that we see at the various magic conventions.
We wanted to provide our sincere concern to all of our Japanese brothers in the art of magic and beyond that WE CARE and we are wishing you a speedy recovery.


As Buma Jr., always says – GUMBATI – (Japanese for moving forward). Just like the Gumbati river, the people of Japan will move forward – we send them our prayers and support.


We are also providing a link to the Japanese Red Cross, where any donation is appreciated. We would LOVE to hear from any of our Japanese Friends.